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DevOps Foundation Certification Course

Corporations and associated teams must ensure they have the ability to deliver exceptional software solutions fast, surpass customers’ standards, and outperform rivals as DevOps utilization continues to increase and promote modern corporate performance.

During this DevOps foundation certification class, you will learn how to implement popular DevOps techniques into your organization to minimize timeframes, increase deployment frequency, and produce higher-quality software. Learn the core ideas underpinning DevOps and acquire the abilities to apply them in the work field.

The DevOps Foundation certification course will teach you how cutting-edge businesses handle a team atmosphere, streamline systems, and eliminate organizational divisions. You’ll have a fundamental understanding of the basic principles of DevOps groups, the essential ideas of Agile Development, Configuration Management, testing, protection, and the Three Ways at the end of the course, and you’ll be able to make valuable contributions to expanding DevOps for the industry.

The DevOps certification confirms your proficiency as a DevOps professional, a credential provided by the DevOps training in Pune to individuals who prove their comprehension by completing the exam.

 DevOps is new to you, and this course will provide you with the fundamentals, including definitions of terms and crucial ideas. This course covers the entire DevOps Full Stack, including culture and individuals, procedures and techniques, software, and mechanization.

Users can list the social, institutional, and operational obstacles that IT must overcome to assist in excellent quality, efficiency, and affordability. You will also be able to explain why DevOps implementation in today’s enterprises encounters difficulties. We will also go through specific activities that are essential for delivering DevOps effectively. These practices are related to culture, procedures, and mechanization.

Additionally, you will be able to explain how Rapid, Extreme, and ITSM boosters are used in DevOps methods to alter operations and address the procedure design issues that IT faces.

You’ll be able to recognise the benefits of mechanization and the DevOps methodology. You will gain knowledge of cloud computing, configuration management, cloud technologies, controlled build, test execution, regulated scaling, automated delivery, and agile delivery architecture.

You will learn about flat structure in the DevOps foundation certification course and its effects. And how to overcome the “Gate of Doubt” that prevents Advancement and Operations from communicating with one another.

You will discover why, in order to help IT overcome the barriers that are currently an issue, Advancement and Operations need to coordinate vision and objectives. To achieve flow, it is also necessary to share techniques and information, as stressed by the First Way, and feedback, as stressed by the Second Way. The realization that Advancement and Operations have always traded achievements and disappointments is ultimately crucial.

You will learn everything you need to know in this DevOps engineer certification course to get started with DevOps.

In this DevOps engineer certification course, you will learn about the philosophy behind DevOps: How DevOps breaks down boundaries between the development and operations teams, two typically isolated teams. You must take this course to understand the fundamentals of DevOps, which use system integration, verification, shipping, installations, and supervision to help minimize lead times, expenditures, and risks. Some specific reasons to learn the DevOps Certification course:-

  1. Discover how DevOps encourages improved communication between business lines, development teams, and IT frameworks.
  2. Learn about collaborative learning platforms, interdisciplinary and hands-on instruction, DevOps leadership, and transformation.
  3. Develop a shared vision and encourage teamwork, interaction, understanding, and progress over time.
  4. Utilizing statistics, monitoring, and measuring tools, as well as key performance indicators and crucial success elements
  5. Advancement, evaluation and management coordinated and worked toward a shared objective.

DevOps has a tremendous benefit. Almost all (99%) of the 2020 DevOps Trends Survey participants claimed that DevOps had improved their organization.

By 2025, the global DevOps market is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 25%. (Grand View Research). DevOps is being embraced by sectors like IT, retailing, healthcare, e-commerce, accounting, and finance to shorten lead times, deliver more consistently, and create software of higher quality. Top employers with average annual salaries of $700k for DevOps specialists include SAP, Intuit, Autodesk, Informatica, Capital One, and IBM. Today, develop your DevOps abilities to take advantage of the rising need. Some main reasons to join the DevOps Certification course:-

  • We provide Interactive Workshops. Workshops with a lot of energy and practical instruction include engaging exercises and case studies. 
  • We’re here for you on your learning path with webcasts, e-books, seminars, journals, and questionnaire surveys!
  • Participate in one of the most dynamic DevOps communities and additional access materials from the DevOps training in Pune.
  • Individualized mentoring, practical advice, and tried-and-true methods from knowledgeable industry professionals
  • Mentor support for six months after training to help you through obstacles in your DevOps career

The following are just a few of the job roles that can profit from the DevOps Foundation course in India:

  • Developers in DevOps
  • Integration Professionals
  • Directors of Operations
  • Administrators of systems
  • Those who manage networks
  • Project Directors
  • Business executives
  • Architects of mechanization
  • Software / Application Programmer
  • Developer
  • QA / Software Tester
  • Consultant for a company (requirements)
  1. Applying fundamental DevOps concepts
  2. Using fundamental DevOps techniques
  3. Utilizing the DevOps Three Ways
  4. Introducing the values and ethos of DevOps
  5. The DevOps operational paradigm in use
  6. Automating processes and designing DevOps toolchains
  7. Reporting and measuring real worth statistics
  8. Sharing, modeling, and development
  9. Talents in communication
  10. Co-operation abilities
  11. Participant management
  12. Testing abilities
  13. Automation expertise
  14. Customer-focused mentality
  15. People abilities
  • The DevOps Foundation Certification course has no set qualifications, but having some familiarity with IT jargon and prior IT-related employment are advantages.
  • Anybody who wants to learn about DevOps, as a methodology, a trend, and a mentality that empowers teams to develop more quickly and deliver superior value to clients and employers, can gain advantages.

Frequently Asked Questions


The DevOps Foundation certification course has been carefully created to expose you to the DevOps business and provide you with the ability to encourage employees within the IT organization to collaborate to shorten lead times, deliver more consistently, and create software of top standard.

After completing this DevOps course, you’ll have the abilities to:

  • Guarantee the quality, sustainability, dependability, affordability, integrity, and workforce satisfaction while facilitating quick flow, review, and constant progress of planned work into operation.
  • In order to support efforts for digital transformation, support business objectives.
  • Regardless of the size, location, sector, or industry of the organizations you work with in the real world, use DevOps.
  • Enable frequently updated software, goods, and services.
  • Automate your procedures to save money and improve efficiency.
  • You’ll be able to express DevOps goals and vocabulary.
  • You will examine the Three Ways, CI, CD, testing, and other principles and procedures.
  • DevOps will be integrated with Agile, Lean, and ITSM frameworks.
  • You’ll maximize enhanced communication, workflows, and feedback loops.
  • Identify automation techniques, such as DevOps toolchains and deployment pipelines.
  • You will comprehend essential performance indicators and critical success variables.
  • To comprehend the ROI of the DevOps endeavor, real-world examples will be used.
  • You’ll decide how to scale DevOps for the business in the best way possible.
  • You’ll gain all the knowledge required to ace the DevOps Foundation certification exam and advance your career.

With the DevOps Foundation certification, you can:

  • Improve business reliability and effectiveness across all IT organizations, irrespective of geography or project difficulty.
  • Add considerably to establishing a DevOps environment of ongoing development.
  • Overtake your competitors by motivating your team to develop code, products, and services far more speedily.
  • Reduced growth periods and faster discovery at more affordable pricing.
  • Certified DevOps professionals earn greater money than uncertified competitors.
  • In 2021, DevOps experts will be counted as the best, in the field of technology.

Although there are no requirements for taking this course, having a fundamental understanding of IT and IT frameworks like Agile Lean and ITSM would be helpful.

Definitely, the DevOps Foundation certification verifies your expertise in comprehending and using DevOps principles. There is an increasing need for qualified DevOps personnel as firms continue to use a DevOps methodology.

After successfully finishing the course, you will obtain a certificate from DevOps Training in Pune.

You must participate in a 16-hour (2-day) DevOps Foundation class with licensed instructors. You may take the test after the training. Your exam token will be ordered simultaneously with the program’s course materials. DevOps Training in Pune will send you the access codes for both.

DevOps Training in Pune’s immersive learning experience platform facilitates live, interactive instructor-led training sessions for the DevOps Foundation program.

You have the opportunity to interact with the instructor, a seasoned DevOps professional, ask questions, and get all of your doubts cleared. Additionally, you will learn by participating in dynamic, engaging real-world activities, simulations, and case studies.

For the most incredible online DevOps Foundation training experience, the course is provided through live, interactive, instructor-led training sessions.

If you have any doubts, contact the instructors or email us. We will contact you with a solution as soon as possible.

Yes, group discounts are available and are valid for parties of up to three (3) people. The discount increases with the number of attendees at a training session. You may often save up to 20% to 30% on the course cost by signing up in groups. Please review the upcoming schedules for further information.

Yes, there are options for paying for courses in installments. The team will lay up a timeline for your case and clarify how the installments function. Usually, there are two to three installments, but all of the money is due before the course can be finished.